Documentary film, 60 minutes

A project conceived as a 'traditional' documentary explodes into a whirl of ethical contradictions when one subject apparently withdraws her co-operation. In front of the cameras, an emotional battle for power that runs the gamut from love to betrayal and back again unfolds and the documentary enters a realm where accepted notions of objective observation collapse. Sometimes the camera seems to be the cause of the friction, at others it seems to be another weapon. Amid the accusations of manipulation and betrayal, the viewer can never be certain of the truth, never sure when the protagonists are performing for the camera and when they are genuinely it's victims.

Camera Belinda Parsons
Sound Nick Pole
Gaffer Niall Leonard
Director Polly Devlin

I'm continually amazed at how much intriging and rigorous work exists by women that I do not know about and which deserves immense attention, discussion and inclusion, and I would certainly put The Daisy Chain... at the top of that list. With this film you've created a contentious space where so many fascinating issues emerge-� especially questions about filmmaking and what it means to introduce a camera (and crew) into a situation that purports to be objective "truth". Amie Siegel

The film is gripping. ..� I was quite shocked at the beginning. it is a film that would not be made today. � � Thank you for allowing me watch this�
Marie Donnelly

It will stay in my head forever. Marie Helene Carleton, writer, filmaker