Written for the National Gallery, Ireland to give the visitor an introduction to The Ceramics Room and the world of ceramics in general.

"Devlin displays no mean knowledge of ceramics and their history, but the fact that life in general is the real fodder o her imagination enables her to produce here so lively a welcome to the collection. If visits to The Room are noisier in the future, they will be more truly educational for that. Devlin manages to transmit to the reader the humour with which the craftsman (Chinaman, English man or Irish man) communicated his view of the world and at the same time, her own sense of the honest potter's dignity and her respect for the skill and feeling that went into the making of these objects. She also gives to the visitor to the museum who has little or no previous knowledge of ceramics, dynasty or social history, just enough factual information to illuminate and enliven, never once putting us through the tedium of technical and historical data for their own sake. The reader is held by the genuineness of her own interest and enthusiasm, by her ability to experience the craftsman in the artefact and to animate the still life in clay. God bless you, Ms Devlin. Please let's have more." Crafts Magazine